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pos Nov-01-2011 Hey everyone, i reordered 4 gallons of the habenero sauce for the Florentine's Grill & Bar in downtown fullerton, california. 92832 for our habenero wings which are very popular on the menu. (infuse hot sauce is the best. it has really great intense flavor and a nice kick) and the 6 pack special is for myself. william patrick sullivan
pos Apr-06-2011 I am probably on my third or forth gallon of the habernero sauce.  so much better then tabasco sauc. albert siragusa
pos Nov-17-2010 I luv the sauce it is the shit!!! I buy a lot of hot sauce on internet..yours by far is the best..Scott
pos June-09-2010 Comment: I'm a hot sauce aficionado, I've tried over 50 in my span of about 3 yrs. Infuse Habanero combines great flavor with heat that can pack a punch. It's also great for those that can't handle the heat because its only very hot/spicy when you use a lot. The texture is smooth and not to thick like some sauces with a lot of seeds in it. Goes well with BBQ especially when you mix it in with your own mix. Also tried on pizza tastes great, doesn't kill the taste and after using Infuse your taste buds will still function. Overall I would rate Infuse Habanero 7 out of 10. Get this thing in more stores and you'll be doing a lot better, not that you already aren't. Good Luck !_ John Cucciniello
pos Jan-09-2010 This is the best Hot Sauce that I ever had. My turned my son onto it and it is the only hot sauce that he will use. I purchased Infuse by chance and it is a great find. Love it, keep up the great work! Cliff Zeman, Brooklyn, NY.
pos Oct-26-09 Great doing business.....A+++++
pos Oct-26-09 Great stuff, thanks AAAAA+
pos Oct-10-09 This is some great sauce! a must have when you need to spice it up.
pos Sep-14-09 Great great great sauce. Great i'll give 8 out of 10
pos Aug-27-09 Smoothest of transactions - repeat buyer - terrific product - do not hesitate
pos Aug-24-09 Nice Item! Super Speedy Shipping! Nice seller to deal with! AAA+
pos Aug-14-09 Great buy, I received the sauce very quickly and carefully, great seller
pos Aug-11-09 Awesome Hot Sauce~Fast Shipping~Thank You~Highly Recommend
pos Aug-07-09

I tried your hot sauce on some fish/chicken it is out standing you dont need to change a thing or take anything away it  is perfect. The person introducing your product told me this is the best sause, I tried it on some fish I cooked last night and it got my attention! I like the sauce. Don't change a thing!
--Joe Edwards

pos Aug-02-09 I love the sauce. Truly A very tasty, spicy, and pure sauce with a great blend of many veggies.  I use it in my noodles, chicken, and chips,burritos! My friends and I enjoy putting this especially on kebabs. Great! -- Siddharth.
pos July-23-09 HOT, TASTY SAUCE! I'm a habanero lover & this is delicious! Best out there! A+++
pos July-21-09 Great seller, fast shipping A+++
pos July-11-09 WOW!! One of the best tasting sauces ive had. Blair's watch out!!!!!!!!
pos July-11-09 Fast shipping, great seller, would buy again....5 stars
pos July-01-09 Great HOT HOT HOT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
pos Jun-14-09 I recieved your sauce today and tasted it and I LOVE IT !!!!! I am going to order a gallon soon...
pos May-26-09 Good sauce, good transaction, good everything, A++++++++++
pos May-18-09 Great sauce, very nicely packaged. Highly recommended!
pos May-09-09 excellent sauce, would buy again!!!!!!
pos Apr-05-09 Super fast shipment! Nicely packaged. Awesome hot sauce!! Will buy more!!
pos Mar-18-09 Great tasting sauce and the price was right also. Look forward to buying more.
pos Dec-25-08 Excellent product. Fast shipping! Thanks, I LOVE it and want more!!!
pos Apr-16-08 Excellent product, will use again.


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