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Infuse Your Life with This Spice...


There are thousands of hot sauce brands available, but none stand out from the rest like New York City-based Infuse. This crafty condiment is made up of all natural ingredients such as habanero peppers, garlic, and onions, as well as lime juice and carrots. Most of these same ingredients can be found in other infuse hot sauce, but this is not your typical sauce. Infuse Hot Sauce contains less vinegar and salt than the traditionally-derived recipes. This allows the flavors of its core ingredients to more fully penetrate your foods, while at the same time providing a well-heeled, but not overpowering, kick. But just in case you desire that extra jolt of excitement, the liquid seasoning also comes in a spicier version called Lava Sauce.


Infuse hot sauce works on just about anything you enjoy because of what they are made of: a perfectly-balanced recipe of ingredients and spice working in tandem to create a delicious add-on. The carrots within add crucial elements to the blend, not only as a savory and sweet flavor but also as a buffer of sorts to the capsaicin in the habanero peppers. The result is a delicious hot sauce that packs on the flavor before it packs on the heat, beating any Tabasco out of the park.


Many satisfied customers have left encouraging feedback on the brand’s website regarding their love for the sauce. Some of these testimonials include:


"The texture is smooth and not too thick like some sauces with a lot of seeds in it. Goes well with BBQ, especially when you mix it in with your own mix."


For additional information about this product, you may contact Customer Service at (516) 360-7000, Monday-Friday between 10AM and 5PM.


Infuse Brand Thick & Spicy Hot Sauce and Lava Sauce are both available for purchase at many New York City-area grocers, as well as some Newark, NJ-area locations. Products are also available online at the brand’s website: All products are shipped from New York City. Items can be purchased in single 5-ounce bottles starting at $3.95 or in combo packs starting at $12.95.


Infuse Hot Sauce was created in 2007 in Levittown, NY because of a desire to create a product that exceeded the standards of taste, quality, ingredients, and cost set by other brands. The company behind the product works hard to support sustainable agriculture with the growers of its ingredients.

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