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infuse main picWhat you'll find here is a truly original zesty flavor, Although the delicate mix of key lime juice, garlic, and habanero peppers with onions, vinegar, and salt make Infuse Habanero Hot Sauce® delicious, it’s the ingenious addition of carrots that stand out in this world class condiment. Somehow, the savory sweetness of carrots binds the heat of the habaneros, acting as a sort of buffer for your tongue. Instead of exploding in your mouth with capsaicin, Infuse smolders, letting the flavor of the garlic, the onions, the vinegar marry with your dish. Infuse is made almost entirely from fresh habanero peppers and it is hot! But unlike less disciplined hot sauces, Infuse means to ignite the flavors of food before it sets your tongue on fire.



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