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About infuse

Atin Verma started Infuse, with a single mission in mind: to provide the most delicious hot sauces, made to the highest standards of taste, ingredients, cost, and marketability in the world.

Since 2007, building from his dynamic combined years of marketing and food distribution success, Infuse has grown from a bi-continental start-up to a thriving competitor in the spicy food industry—both online and on the shelf. Sales from our website grow every month; our presence in the north American market continues to bring our top selling Habanero and Habanero Lava sauces to the front of the shelf in every store that carries our brand.

The Infuse process starts in Belize, where we maintain a long-standing relationship with local growers supporting sustainable agriculture in the farming of the fresh peppers, vegetables, fruits and spices that we put into our sauces.

Each small batch of sauce is rigorously tested before being bottled and each batch adheres to the strict procedures laid down by Verma when he created the recipe for Infuse. After bottling, Infuse is delivered to grocery stores, convenience marts, restaurants, and hot sauce aficionados around the globe.

As the demand for hot sauce and pepper-based products increases within the North American marketplace, Atin Verma anticipate expanding line of Infuse products.


Now distributed by Taj Distributions. (2014)

Be sure to check out new Infuse flavors in the near future!

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